Free The Slaves

FREE THE SLAVES is dedicated to ending slavery worldwide. We believe that ending slavery is an ambitious and realizable goal—and everyone has a role to play. To that end, we will work with individuals, governments, businesses, grassroots groups and international aid organizations to eradicate slavery forever.

A holistic approach is required to end slavery. That is why we:

  • Free slaves around the world by working with grassroots organizations.
  • Record and share their stories so people in power can see slavery first-hand and be inspired to work for freedom.
  • Enlist businesses to clean slavery out of their product chains and empower consumers to stop buying into slavery.
  • Work with governments to produce effective anti-slavery laws then hold them to their commitments. Research what works and what doesn’t so that we use resources strategically and effectively to end slavery. Forever.

The work of artists such as Lisa Kristine are key to ending slavery because of the power they have to educate and motivate. Education is crucial to creating a world without slavery.

Free the Slaves has mapped out the next ‘big wins’ for the anti-slavery movement. We know what each key actor needs to do in order to create transformational, sustainable change leading to global eradication. Now we need to get the word out and inspire and influence the right people to take the right actions, and we need to raise the funding and the attention to make it happen.